Princess Pat Mine
San Bernardino County, California

  The Princess Pat Mine is a small prospect in southern California that was intermittently worked for tungsten ore (scheelite) from the late 1930s until the early 1950s. Today it stands abandoned but can easily be reached via gravel access road from Route 395.

Excellent fluorescent (FL) mineral specimens, many glowing in several different colors, can be found with relatively little effort. These specimens generally respond best under shortwave ultraviolet light.

Minerals found include 'caliche' (FL yellow-orange); hyalite (FL yellow-green); scheelite (FL blue-white to cream-white); and calcite (FL red).




View of the Princess Pat Mine workings from the access road, San Bernardino County, California.




Surveying mine tailings at the Princess Pat Mine.


   Mine workings of the Princess Pat Mine in late afternoon shade.




Sunset arrives over the tailings piles, and ultraviolet exploration can begin..




A large (0.7 m) non-fluorescing boulder with a coating of bright yellow-green fluorescing hyalite, shown under shortwave UV.





Fluorescence literally underfoot. Desert 'caliche' glowing orange, and hyalite
glowing bright yellow-green, under shortwave UV. Shoe at lower left for scale.


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Thanks to Kevin T. Brady for sharing some specifics about this location.

To learn more about fluorescent minerals be sure to visit the website of the Fluorescent Mineral Society.

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